About Me

I am Uma Badri, Diamond Director, Oriflame Chennai branch.

Before joining Oriflame, I was a housewife. My husband is a surgeon and we have two daughters.

My life was simple and good; going smoothly taking care of my family.

My friend introduced me to Oriflame in the year and she asked me to use Oriflame products. When I was convinced of the products I got to know about the business opportunity, Oriflame offers. I found it very interesting.

I consulted my husband as to whether or not I can take advantage of the business opportunity. While agreeing to my proposal to join Oriflame as a Consultant he advised me to ensure that I manage both the business and the family.

I took the plunge and the rest is history.

I have been balancing family and business very successfully.

Oriflame taught me so many things and has made me a complete person. I attended all the training programs of Oriflame and I equipped myself as a role model for my team.

Besides quality products, Oriflame offers a lot of opportunities; to name a few fun, networking, income, recognition, foreign travel and so on. Of all these, one vital thing that attracted me is recognition.

Oriflame encourages us by its breathtaking recognitions. I still remember when I reached my first step in Oriflame – they recognized me in front of everybody and gave a red rose. That single rose encouraged me a lot and showed the path to my success in Oriflame.

Now I am a diamond director and I am glad that I could help many people to change their lifestyles.

I have conducted a lot of grooming sessions, training workshops, daily skin care training, Wellness training at various places and brought together many like-minded ladies and formed my team. As a result, I created several directors and managers. Oriflame has rewarded me with 6 cash bonuses, gift voucher, smartphones etc.

One gift I am so proud is the Honda City car besides the free foreign trips. Oriflame offers three types of opportunities- “look great” make money” “have fun” I have personally experienced all the three or above. I am eager to share the same with everyone who is willing to take advantage of those opportunities. Oriflame completely changed my lifestyle from a normal homemaker to a bold and successful women entrepreneur.

Join my team, learn and earn from Oriflame-Sweden.

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